Seminar / Workshop / Consultation

Seminars & Talks

Occasionally I organise seminars and talks for the public as well as specialised session for interest groups when invited. My discourses centre in areas that I work with mostly, namely happiness, relationship, self-help, personal growth and well-being as well as Vedic meditation, yoga and spirituality. I also discuss the Upanishads, Bhagavad Gita and Advaitic texts. If you like to invite me to give a talk (including online webinar) to your group, please email me at My talk content will be tailored for your group’s need. Corporate seminars / workshops are also provided.

Seminar / Workshop / Consultation

Private Class & Consultation

Private one-to-one classes are also available for Meditation Class, Veda Class, Gita Class and Life Class as an alternative to online group classes. All the private classes will also be conducted live online on a mutual agreed upon timing. Therefore you can reside in any part of the world and still communicate with me. Classes can also be customised on individual need. I also provide personal consultation to anyone who wants to discuss their problems and find guidance and mentoring in managing and overcoming the issue. If you are interested to participant in private one-to-one classes or in need for personal consultation, please email me at

Seminar / Workshop Consultation

Life & Happiness Immersion

The Life & Happiness Immersion is a live event with me designed to give you an experiential learning process based on selected lessons from my Life & Happiness Program. You will receive intensive coaching throughout the program which is tailored to the needs of participants. If you would like me to conduct this workshop for your group, please email me at

Seminar / Workshop Consultation

Life & Wellness Immersion

The Life & Wellness Immersion is a live event with me, that is designed to mentor you in the Yoga-based lifestyle and holistic principles of well-being. I employ the Vedic 5-layered human constitution, the Panchakosha, as the framework to develop and integrate the principles and practices that are important to overall wellness into a program for this experiential event. If you would like me to conduct this workshop for your group, please email me at