Private Session

As an alternative to online group classes, private one-to-one online session is also available for the following studies:

  • Vedic Meditation & Studies
  • Veda-Upanishads
  • Bhagavad Gita
  • Life Coaching
  • Sanskrit Language
  • Hatha Yoga (offline one-to-one session)

All private session will be conducted on a mutually agreed upon time. You can attend your session from home, office or anywhere in the world, as long as, you have a laptop and internet access. Each session will last for 1 hour. Classes can be customised on individual-need basis. Yogi Rakesh also provide personal consultation to anyone who wants to discuss their life problems for both personal and professional matters. You are completely free to choose the number of session from as minimum as one to as many sessions you want.

Fee: for per session is $50 USD.  There is discount for bulk purchase: 4 sessions for $45USD per session (valid for 4 weeks) and 8 sessions for $40 USD per session (valid for 10 weeks)

If you are interested to participant in private one-to-one study session or in need for personal consultation, please email at

Life Coaching Session

Life Coaching Session can be a personal consultation session or a study session based on the Life and Happiness Program.

Personal consultation is a tailor-made life-coaching session to help you find guidance and mentoring needed in managing and overcoming your life issue. I am confident that you simply need one session to get the right knowledge and mentoring to help you gain understanding and direction to the right solution. Off course, you may book more sessions whenever you feel you need to consult me.

Life study session is a session to teach certain life lessons and practices based on the syllabus of the Yogi Rakesh's Life & Happiness Program. You may choose any subject from the program's syllabus. This program focuses on inner healing, transformation, empowerment and fulfilment. You will learn to alleviate your afflictions and depression and create a wholesome and happier life that is true to your authentic self. The number of sessions needed will depend on your needs.

Vedic Meditation & Studies Session

This is an online private study session of Self-awareness meditation, Self-knowledge and Advaita spiritual literature that includes the teachings of Ramana Maharishi and Nisargadatta Maharaj. Session includes guided meditation.

Veda Study Session

This is an online private study session of the ancient Veda, focusing on the Upanishad texts - the crown jewels of Vedic Wisdom. Session includes guided contemplation practice.

Gita Study Session

This is an online private study session of the Bhagavad Gita, focusing on integrating the profound Yogic psychology, philosophy and spiritual knowledge into practical life suited for our modern needs. Session includes guided contemplation practice.

Lord Krishna is the Protector of Dharma and World Teacher of Yoga sciences.

Sanskrit Study Session

This is an online private study session of the Sanskrit language. I will teach you how to read, write and speak in Sanskrit language. Alternatively you may also request a session just to learn chanting of any particular Sanskrit chant.