Yogi Rakesh's Life & Happiness Program

A mentoring program inspired by Vedic wisdom to guide and help you create a wholesome and happier life that is true to your authentic self.

This program translates, integrates and transforms profound ancient teachings into practical self and life lessons and solutions for the modern time, focusing on inner healing, transformation, empowerment and fulfilment in life. You will learn to alleviate your afflictions and depression and create a wholesome and happier life that is true to your authentic self.

What will this program do for you?

  • Alleviate emotional sufferings and afflictions. Facing problems, conflicts, dilemmas and needless dramas are a natural part of life but you do not need to suffer them endlessly. This program will help you understand and ease your inner afflictions and diffuse old conditionings as well as train your mind to rise beyond them eventually.
  • Breakaway from emotional paralysis and feeling stuck in life. Even though you may strive hard in life yet you do not feel it has been worthwhile. Frustration and the nagging sense of not making progress drain your energy and will to live. Through this program you will discover a new paradigm shift that will restore the freshness, substance and flow in your life.
  • Dissolve depression and feel supported. Depression can happen to anyone, at any age regardless of background. It is often accompanied by the feelings of being inadequate, worthless, confused, overwhelmed, drained and helpless. The program’s deep-thought processes leads to clarity and coupled with Rakesh’s mentoring you will feel supported and cared about.
  • Develop self-mastery and get back on track. This program cultivates keen intellectual discernment, objectivity, independent thinking, decision-making aptitude, mastery of emotions and puts attention back on your purpose and what truly matters in life. Live a life true to your authentic self.
  • Cultivate inner well-being and reduce stress. This program provides you lessons and practices for well-being on all aspects of the Vedic model of the human body-mind constitution. You will start to nurture wellness more holistically that includes your mind, feelings and relationships as well as manage stress effectively.
  • Learn Self-knowledge and Yogic tools to inner peace, purpose and happiness. This program has translated and transformed ancient Hindu spiritual, psychological and philosophical teachings and its yogic techniques into life knowledge and tools that can be easily applied into daily life. This includes numerous guided meditations, visualisations, contemplations, affirmations, breakthrough-enquiries, reflections and many other exercises.

How to participate?

The Life & Happiness Program's lessons and guided exercises are taught by Yogi Rakesh directly through weekly classes conducted online. This is an on-going class. Therefore you can attend anytime from anywhere in the world. The classes are group sessions and are completely interactive. You will be able to not only watch Rakesh's give discourses and guided exercises but you will also be able to speak directly, ask questions and receive mentoring.

Time & Day:
Malaysia/Singapore Time (UTC+8) → 10.00 A.M. Every Saturday
Cities reference: Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Hong Kong, Perth
Australian Eastern Time equivalent = Saturday 1.00 p.m.  AEDT / 12.00 p.m. AEST 
US Eastern Time equivalent = Friday 9.00 p.m. EST / 10.00 p.m EDT

US Pacific Time (UTC-8 / UTC -7) → 8.00 P.M. Every Friday
Cities reference: Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, Vancouver
Australian Eastern Time equivalent = Saturday 3.00 p.m.  AEDT / 2.00 p.m. AEST 

Duration: Approx. 45 minutes

A pioneering program

This program is a pioneering work in the development of a mentoring framework for self-help/self-improvement and personal growth based on the teachings of ancient Vedic philosophy and spirituality.

For millenniums, the ancient Hindu wisdom beginning from the Vedic sages was conveyed through unbroken lineages of teachers. Over the centuries, countless spiritual masters, philosophers, thinkers and logicians, having experienced the truths of the ancient wisdom themselves, went on to develop the most sublime and sophisticated philosophical and scientific thought known to humanity to express this great truths of life. This body of spiritual knowledge is characterised by rational thought processes, objective enquiries, independent thinking, deep psychological understanding, Self and consciousness-based outlook and valuable insights into the universal principles of life and reality as well as systematic yoga methodologies.

Over the course of decades of studying, teaching and living Vedic spirituality as a way of life, it became evident to me that this spiritual knowledge is deeply relevant and can be effectively applied to provide guidance and solutions that modern society needs to manage daily life issues particularly those affecting human psychology, relationship and happiness in life. It became a mission to me to bring and apply this great ancient knowledge into the field of self-help. This program is the come out of years of careful study, research, observation and integration, bridging the ancient knowledge and the contemporary needs and issues.

A new paradigm

The human personality is an intricate composite. We are not taught in schools the nature and mechanism of the human personality, especially the mind and emotion and how to care and cultivate its well-being and create wholesome relationships and experiences in life. This program brings you this essential knowledge of life and living.

The most comprehensive model of the human constitution is found in the Vedic scriptures that the Hindu philosophy and spirituality uses as their basis for exploration into the human nature, reality and consciousness. This model is known as the Panchakosha model, and is structured in 5-layers representing the human constitution that includes the body, bio-energy, mental-emotional, intellectual and causal layers. This program’s framework is modelled after the Panchakosha. It details the various components and mechanisms and their relationship to life as well as their connection to our life issues. This program also contains a wealth of transformative and practical knowledge and yoga methods derived from the Vedas, Bhagavad Gita, Yoga Sutras and Advaitic literature. This is a new paradigm to nurture personal growth, fulfilment, peace and happiness in the individual and society at large.

Program Syllabus

Chapter 1: Self Awareness for Self Healing and Change

♦ The Inner Mechanism and Awareness. ♦ Reconnecting with the Witness within: Yoga. ♦ Meditation and Mental Restlessness. ♦ Expressing your Higher Self. ♦ Awareness and Love. ♦ Meditation and Self-Understanding.

Chapter 2: Prana and the Principles of Wellness

♦ Understanding the Principle of Prana. ♦ Importance of Prana and Mental well-being. ♦ Developing Prana-positive Lifestyle. ♦ Drainage and Recovery. ♦ Prana, Interaction and people influence. ♦ Prana in Living Space.

Chapter 3: The influence of sexuality, relationship and expectation in Happiness

♦ Understanding Sexual Urge. ♦ Relationship: The Healthy and the Unhealthy ♦ Dealing with Fallout and Setback. ♦ The Pressure of Time. ♦ Dealing with Dark Times. ♦ Rising above Daily Pressures.

Chapter 4: Mental well-being: Equanimity of mind and ending emotional paralysis

♦ The Inner Tug of War. ♦ Doubts and its Games. ♦ Emotional Paralysis and the Toxic Negative Loop. ♦ Appreciations and Gratefulness. ♦ Connecting using Feelings and Emotions. ♦ The Conflict between Freedom and Security. ♦ The Ghost of Fear.

Chapter 5: Desire & Manifestation

♦ The Forces of Manifestation.  ♦ Force of Creativity. ♦ Force of Attraction.  ♦ Overcoming resistance to Will and Manifesting. ♦ Force of Dynamism. ♦ False Images and Freedom from Vulnerability. ♦ Intention and its role in manifesting.  ♦ Authentic Purpose.

Chapter 6: Memory & Imaginations

♦ Ending recurring Bad Memories. ♦Reliving the Past. ♦The Known and Limitation of Expectations. ♦ Habits and Addictions. ♦ Distractions and Drifting. ♦ Memories and Dreams.

Chapter 7: Ego & Self-images

♦ The Feeling of Inadequacy and Self-Lack. ♦ From Self-Hate to Self-Love. ♦ The small Ego. ♦ Getting trapped by Ideals and Standards. ♦ Why do we seek Approvals. ♦ Dealing with People’s opinion, insult and negative attitude. ♦ The Burden of Responsibilities. ♦ Developing Relationship with the World. ♦ What Blame and Complain do to you. ♦ Childhood Conditionings of our Self-images.

Chapter 8: Intellect & Judgements

♦ Independent Thinking and Objectivity. ♦ Judgement and Value. ♦ Setting the Context and Framing Problem. ♦ The Choice between The Good and The Pleasant. ♦ Intellect and its role in Intention and the Principle of Sankalpa. ♦ Developing Conviction and the Principle Shraddha.

Chapter 9: Purpose, Fulfilment & Personal Dharma

♦ Hope and Clarity of Purpose. ♦ Inner Blueprint and Purpose ♦ Understanding Desire, Choice and Satisfaction and Personal Dharma ♦ Our Personality Profile ♦ Staying on Track ♦ Priorities in Life. ♦ The Science of Action