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Yogi Rakesh's weekly group online Life Class is based on the syllabus of the Life & Happiness Program created by Yogi Rakesh. This mentoring program is inspired by Vedic wisdom to guide and help you create a wholesome and happier life that is true to your authentic self.  Learn More About Life Class

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Meditation Class

This is an online group class for study of Self-awareness meditation, Self-knowledge and Advaita spiritual literature that includes the teachings of Ramana Maharishi and Nisargadatta Maharaj. Class includes guided meditation.

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Veda Class

This is an online group class for study of the ancient Vedas, focusing on the Upanishad texts - the crowning glory of the Vedic Wisdom tradition to guide through the realities of life, self and absolute. Class includes guided contemplation practice.

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Gita Class

This is an online group class for study of the Bhagavad Gita, focusing on integrating the profound Yogic psychology, philosophy and spiritual knowledge into practical life suited for our modern needs. Class includes guided contemplation practice.

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About Yogi Rakesh

Yogi Rakesh is a life mentor, spiritual teacher and thinker. As an ardent lifelong yoga practitioner and spiritual seeker, he received extensive education and training in Vedic philosophy and spirituality from the esteemed masters in gurukulas (learning institutions) in India. Yogi Rakesh draws his inspiration from the wisdom tradition of Advaita (non-duality). He is also a Master’s graduate in Sanskrit language and literature. Having taught many people over the years, he begin to research and develop programs for life mentoring. These are pioneering programs that aim at translating Vedic teachings for modern life issues and self-growth. Yogi Rakesh is all about inspiring, mentoring and helping people alleviate their afflictions and depression, and promote inner transformation, wholesomeness and happiness in life.

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What they say


Jody Bennett

Melbourne, Australia

Having only very basic knowledge of Yoga, I was pleased that Rakesh explained everything, from the history of Yoga, to the uses of the yoga poses and finally the effects on the body and mind. With practice I feel that my concentration, emotions and reactions will come into balance. I would recommend Rakesh to anybody considering learning more about Yoga and developing a deeper understanding of the mind and ultimately the inner self.

Imran Sultan

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I've been attending yoga (asana) classes for many years. Although physically helpful, it did not fulfil me emotionally and intellectually. So I decided to attend the online classes by Yogi Rakesh. At first, I wasn't expecting much to happen. Oh boy I was wrong! The sessions were absolutely engaging, just like watching the TV series ‘Game of Thrones’! I was surprised at how deeply it moved me and made me think. It taught me to face life with greater strength, courage and compassion.


Priya Manokaran

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Yogi Rakesh’s classes have opened up a whole new horizon for me through the practical application of ancient wisdom, in my life. I am increasingly able to let go of disempowering limitations and be courageous in my own truth. It has brought me greater understanding and inner peace. I unreservedly believe that this learning opportunity holds all that we need to elevate the quality of our lives and the depth of our happiness, if only we decide to avail ourselves of it.

fang cheeming

Fang Chee Meng

Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Yogi Rakesh has deep understanding of the human mind, emotion and inner conflicts. He is an unassuming and kind teacher. I like that he treats others with utmost respect, compassion and listens without judgement. His observations and clarifications are profound and clear. He provides a safe presence where you feel easy to share whatever issue affecting your professional and personal life. Every time I listen to him, my experience has been filled with refreshing insight and inspiration.

Sathianathan Sockanathan

Kajang, Malaysia

You cannot hope to improve something without the knowledge and understanding of its nature and the same goes for our self-growth and life quality. Yogi Rakesh’s classes help me to understand the human mind and experiences. He clearly has vast knowledge in Vedic teachings and yoga practices, and more importantly he wisely applies and demonstrates them in real life situations. The practical knowledge and mentoring has absolutely brought about improvements for a better life.


Venetia Kotamraju

UK & India

The profundity of Rakesh’ teaching and guidance can only come from an experience and awareness deeper than most of us can imagine. He sees with startling clarity and gently offers advice and instruction, giving all too freely of his time, knowledge and understanding. He has the ability to pinpoint a problem almost immediately and bring about fundamental and lasting change in anyone who approaches him for help.

Bridging the Ancient and Modern

“The Vedic Hindu philosophy and spirituality has become immensely popular around the world. Many people discover it through its various Yoga practices. Yogic teachings have created a new paradigm in lifestyle and wellness. Beyond wellness, people everywhere have begun to realise the benefits and beauty of the Vedic life principles. Vedic spirituality and way of life have gained tremendous interest around the world. People are connecting to it both through the authentic Hindu spiritual traditions as well as through New Age medium. Another often overlooked area is the fundamental contribution of Vedic philosophical thought particularly the Advaitic wisdom to modern physics. Its scientific and rational insights and breakthroughs in consciousness and reality continue to inspire many scientists.

 This website is dedicated to continue this process of sharing this great tradition of wisdom and science to humanity. Over the years, it became evident to me through my own study, reflection and research, that the Vedic scriptures were a great reservoir for understanding human nature and psychology. It has amazing psychological insights and life solutions that are truly practical. The knowledge has remarkable value for enhancement of the quality of our life. My mission here is to develop a bridge through my work to connect people to this ancient treasure for the benefit of everyone around the world regardless of background.”

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